Apply Today

To participate in the Operation Intern program, fill out the application. You will be notified within two weeks whether you have been approved. Funds for the 2015-2017 have been fully obligated. Applications for the 2017-2019 program will be accepted May, 2017.

If you are approved, your organization will be mailed one signed Letter of Agreement, Student Enrollment Form, Program Guidelines and W9 Form. These forms can also be found here.

To request a paper application or for additional questions and assistance, contact Jennifer Dahl, Youth Office/Operation Intern Coordinator at the North Dakota Department of Commerce at 701-328-7268 or


All internship, work experience and apprenticeship experiences should provide opportunities for the student to develop patterns of professional behavior and skills, apply academic knowledge to work situations and be related to the student’s field of study or career goals.

The employer is responsible for selecting and hiring the new student. Employers must select a student who is either:

  • a high school junior or senior;
  • enrolled in a North Dakota college or university taking at least 6 credits during the internship, or the semester prior to the internship; or
  • a student enrolled in a registered apprenticeship program.

A company may request to hire a student who is attending an institution that closely borders North Dakota if the company demonstrates a need for additional candidates. Please contact the Youth Office/ Operation Intern Coordinator for more information on hiring a student from a border school.

It is recommended that the student be:

  • a United States citizen or have permanent legal immigration status;
  • in a program of study at least two years in length;
  • have an overall GPA (Grade Point Average) of at least 2.5; and
  • working in an experience that corresponds with academic major or career goals.

What We Pay

Matching funds under this program are limited to a maximum of $3,000 per term, per internship/work experience/apprenticeship opportunity. Students may receive up to a maximum of $6,000 from the Operation Intern program. Terms will be funded individually on a first-come, first-serve basis. Program funding is currently available through June 2017.

Internship, work experience and apprenticeship position(s) must be located in North Dakota.

50% matching funds are provided after work has been performed and can be requested monthly, quarterly or at the end of the experience.

What You Pay

A private sector match of 50% or more of the compensation to the student is required. Compensation may include wages and stipends, tuition and fees, books, housing assistance or tools and equipment.

Documentation of wages paid and/or other compensation provided must be maintained by the employer and made available upon request.