Educators in Industry

The Educators in Industry Externship Program places K-12 teachers, administrators, or career advisors and post secondary instructors in a corporate work environment for a four week externship. Participation in this course strengthens the educators ability to make curriculum content more relevant and applicable when returning to the classroom. The educator will deliver content in a more meaningful approach that aligns with the goals of engineering and STEM education as well as state and national standards. The session will be June 5-30, 2017.


If you’re an educator interested in the program, begin by filling out the Educator Application to express your interest by February 1, 2017. You will hear back within two weeks from the Department of Commerce that your application was received and will receive further updates about your potential employer by April 30, 2017.

Benefits include a $2000 stipend, 3 Continuing Education or Graduate Degree Credits, valuable work experience in a dynamic technological environment, building partnerships with area employers and collaboration with current and previous externship participants.

Forms and Requirements:

        • Information for Educators (Download)
        • Educator Application (Complete Online)
        • Enrollment in EDUC 600 or EDUC 794 for both summer and fall (3 credits total)
        • 30 hours Monday-Thursday (coordinated with employer); for a better understanding of the work experience, please read the internship description.
        • Completion of course requirements (see course syllabi for more details)

Educator Applications are due February 1st, 2017.


EDUC 600 Fall Syllabus EDUC 600 Summer Syllabus
EDUC 794 Fall Syllabus EDUC 794 Summer Syllabus



This program provides four-week summer externships for K-12 teachers, administrators, career advisers, post secondary instructors and other educational stakeholders to give them a first hand look at how the engineering design process and 21st century skills are currently being used in an industry environment. During the four weeks, you will not be providing the educator with a single job, but rather you will move them about many departments within the company to get an overall understanding of how the company operates. You may give them mini tasks to complete, but the experience is designed to expose them to as many different types of processes in which the company engages.

Forms and Requirements:

**Note that reimbursement is provided after the work has been completed and the invoice from NDSU paid. NDSU will pay the educator once the invoice is paid.

As part of the Educators in Industry program, Commerce requires employers:

            • sign and retain one original copy of Letter of Agreement,
            • sign and return to Commerce within two weeks of educator experience start date:
            • one original copy of Letter of Agreement,
            • W9-Form, and
            • Educator Enrollment Form.
            • maintain documentation of wages paid and/or other compensation provided and made available to Commerce upon request.